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Packaging & Crating

Professional Packing/Packaging

Big or small, we can pack it all.

Are you tired of trying to figure how to pack that special item so it arrives in one piece? You have to find the right box size, hunt down the bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, tape, etc. It's time consuming, expensive, and a major inconvenience (and you may not pack it properly).

Proper packing is both a science and an art. Let the packing experts at Boxes and Packaging professionally pack and ship your fragile, valuable, large, and awkward items. We are certified retail packing specialists who treat your items as if we were packing our own stuff!

We stock over 20 sizes and keep plenty of styrofoam peanuts, bubble-wrap, tape, specialty boxes (artwork, laptops, double-wall, etc.) and other packing materials on hand. We can even custom-make a box for those elk antlers or car bumpers.

And our "Packed to Perfection" guarantee gives you peace of mind to know that your items are packed to meet or exceed all carrier requirements, so if any damage or loss occurs during transit, Boxes and Packaging stands behind our packaging—we guarantee it for insurability.

Custom Crate Building

We can build a crate for almost anything.

When a plain-old corrugated box is not good enough for your stuff, come to the crating experts at Boxes and Packaging for some of the toughest packaging on the planet.

Why do businesses and residents of Tempe, AZ rely on Boxes and Packaging for their crating and packing needs? Because we can build custom crates for your favorite antique rocking chair, grandfather clock or helicopter. When it comes to crating, size does not matter at Boxes and Packaging. Our crates are custom-designed to fit your exact needs in order to save both time and money.

We can build:

  • Closed crates
  • Open crates
  • Frame crates
  • Skeleton crates
  • Palletized crates